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Frequently Asked Questions

about Kakapo composting toilets

Does it smell?

Short answer - no. If the vent has been installed properly and is functioning as it should, it will be drawing a small amount of air in through the toilet seat continuously. This means that even immediatly after use, when a conventional toilet is at it's least desirable phase, Kakapo composting toilets produce no odour. However, immediatly after turning the drum, odours may issue forth if one was to open the seat right away. We reccommend you leave it for 5 minutes before to allow time for the natural up-draught to clear the air.

Will I be able to see the 'doings'?

If you care to look - yes. If you don't like what you see - cover it with sawdust.

How often will I have to empty it?

This is entirely dependant on how much it is used. To give you some idea, at the Mussel Inn where we have three units installed, once a fortnight is about average. In a continuous domestic situation (Mum. Dad and two kids) - once every couple of months would probably be about right. If you are only using it in the weekends - for a couple of people - could be as little as once a year.

On the otherhand - for the first week of January at the Mussel Inn, we empty every day - but then the scraps from the kitchen would amount to 10 times this quantity! Each one take about 5 minutes to empty.

What does the stuff that comes out of the toilet look and smell like? (picture!)

It looks a bit like something you'd expect a horse to do (as a result of the rotary action of the drum) and is quite odourless. Small toys and cellphones will look much the same.

What do I do with the stuff that comes out of it?

We reccomend that the solid material be emptied into a compost bin and covered with a good layer of straw or some similar bulky material (leaves or other garden refuse). The liquid can be run directly to an existing grey water system or other soakage system. Alternatively, if you like to see growing things flourish, any plant will be more than happy to recieve it. (taking care not to apply it to edible parts of plants that are likely to be eaten raw and un-washed)

Can I really put the compost on my garden?

Thermophilic (hot) composting is by far the most effective way to render our excrement pathogen free. The second best way is to let it mature for an adquate length of time. By constructing a proper compost pile and leaving it to stand for a year, the resulting compost would be good enough to - well - eat - but we reccomend that you put it on the garden and eat the plants instead!

Can I install it myself?

Anyone handy with a hammer - and confident enough to cut a hole in their roof - will find it a piece of cake to install. Just remember, water runs down hill and warm air raises.

Does it need power to run it?

No fan. No heater. No power required. (unless you require an external vent)

What about cleaning?

The girls at the Mussel Inn reckon they're easier and quicker to clean than a conventional flush toilet. 

So... how do I go about getting myself a Kakapo composting toilet?

Just send us the money and we'll ship one to your door!  If you're lucky we'll have one in stock and we can ship immediatly. Otherwise, send us a 10% deposit and we'll place you next in line on the waiting list. You should recieve your Kakapo in no more than 4 weeks but best allow plenty of time. If you are building and you think that your wall cladding will be going on before you'll recieve your toilet, let us know so we can provide you with the external wall flashing piece. Once this has been positioned (loosley) under the cladding, work on your building can proceed and the toilet can be installed at your leisure.

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