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Crank handle turns - there's a jigga jigga noise but the drum won't turn?!!

The pinion is slipping on the drum ring gear, and this is what you need to do to fix it....

Reshimming the pinion shaft

The object here is to lower the drive shaft and thus the drive pinion so that it meshes tightly in the drum ring gear by way of inserting a 3-4mm shim.

Only the front (pinion end) of the shaft needs to be lowered.

1/Remove the rear hatch door

2/Using the sdps, remove as much material from the drum as possible and then remove the receiver.

3/Place something soft on the ground to kneel on

This is what the works looks like (without the drum)

4/ Using the appropriate size socket with an extension bar attached, loosen off the four nuts that hold the pinion drive shaft in place. Remove the front two (A&B) completely and withdraw the bolts from above.

5/ Fashion a shim(s) from a piece of non compressible and durable material such as fibreglass or hard plastic. Or contact us and we can send you some. 

6/ Insert the shim(s) along with the existing shim (if there is one) between the bearing mount and the wooden block. The pinion should be meshing tightly in the drum pinion

7/ Replace the bolts through the top of the unit, Replace the nuts and tighten all.

After doing this, check to make sure that the drum stop pawl fully locates against the stop on the drum..

If the clearance is any greater than approx 2mm, a small amount of material may need to be filed off the pawl stop indicator block on the outside to of the unit in order to lower it.




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